Case Study: Data Detox Kit

Finding Peace in Data Security

Tactical Tech (a NGO sponsored by Mozilla Firefox) wished to overhaul the design of the toolkits for The Data Detox Kit with updated visuals and aesthetic. The toolkit answers the question »What can we do?« to personally improve digital privacy, security, and wellbeing.

  • Tactical Technology Collective
  • Strategy, Brand Design, Art Direction
  • Illustration based on humaaans

The Challenge

The Data Detox aims to provide users with a balance of precise, reflective steps they can follow to increase privacy and security in their usage of technology, as well as giving critical thinking skills they can carry with them to any tech they use in the future, all within the framework of common language and everyday framing.


The Visuals

The image of the mountain works here not only as a very common aspirational symbol, but also as a symbol for the amount of data that is being collected of us. In the beginning it seems a bit frightening, but if we climb and conquer it we have a better view over the landscape e.g. our collected Data. All of the visuals use a digital device as a canvas for the hero’s journey, the images although always spill out of the screens to visualize the fact that the data collection starts inside your digital life but will always also have effects on everything else.


I really enjoyed working for the Tactical Technology Collective. Since the final results had to go through quite a few decision processes we wanted to share the alternative designs here as well.